I wanted to leave this update here to let you know that we have rebranded!

What started as a modest card collection out of my passion for letter-writing, design, and illustration slowly grew into a beautiful brand with its own wings.

I am so happy to let you know that my stationery line will now be called  BOTANICA PAPER CO.

The new name encapsulates a world of meaning within its simple yet elegant title. Derived from the Romanian term for botanical garden, "Gradina Botanica," Botanica Paper Co. embodies the essence of natural beauty and wonder.

Since childhood, botanical gardens have held a special place in my heart, inspiring awe and fascination with their lush landscapes and diverse flora. In naming my company Botanica, I aim to capture the essence of these enchanting spaces, translating their beauty onto the pages of each stationery item.

Through Botanica Paper Co., I strive to infuse every design with the same sense of wonder and joy that I experience amidst the blooms and greenery of a botanical garden.

The shop items will feature both the old and new logo/branding for a time.  I will organically shift the new name on all printed materials and packaging throughout the year.  I appreciate your patience during this transition.

Thank you so much for being part of our journey!


With gratitude,

Oana and Co.

January 02, 2023 — Oana Befort

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