Just like a piece of blank paper, I decided that this year I would start fresh with a new website and blog too.  I started my online presence through my old blog about seven years ago so everything I have shared there as well as the thoughts of the ones that kept following along means a lot to me. I wanted to keep all the content still available, so now you can find everything over here. Any future blog posts will be found in this new space. Hope to see you around!


January 23, 2018 — Oana Befort


Lawanya Immanuel said:

Hey Oana, how are you? … getting inspired through you and your work since years.. presently going through my divorce, have two kids and thought of a new beginning… and opened your site…I always felt we are related.. like you are my own family..through your work… my little sister … an image of my own being, it is difficult to explain though. They are so many things in common.God bless you and your family- Lawanya from India

Elda The said:

Love it! Your blog always inspired me, thank you for creating such beautiful content. I just ordered your borboleta bag <3

Arena Animation Dilsukhnagar said:

Good start, Keep Going.

Sarah M. said:

Beautiful! I love your new website!! Xx

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